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    D. G. Parent is a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran with several Purple Hearts. He is a publisher, author, cartoonist, musician, and Internet Pioneer. AllcoastSportfishing.Com, his first successful website, became a worldwide wonder in the early 1990s. He sold it in 2010 and it is still being used by fishermen in the United States and many other countries today.
    He was then able to revisit projects that had been sitting on a shelf for decades.
His first writing project was a subject that is close to his heart. He wanted to help other war veterans who were dealing with the trauma a battlefield causes.

    He built the website PTSDHotline.Com which deals with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma and Agent Orange types of issues. He backed the website up with the well-received book “The Warzone PTSD Survivors Guide” which is now in its 2nd addition printing.

    It was time to have some fun. He decided to revisit his earlier work in cartooning and writing flights of fancy. Along came his old friend Professor A. Pismo Clam. He pulled out boxes of his drawings that had been collecting dust since the 1980s. He got together with artist friend, Shana Dyke, to computer update the toons and also add colorization.

His first book of “The Adventures of A. Pismo Clam” will be out in the spring of 2014. This will have three separate adventures and some misc. strips pulled from Professor A. Pismo Clam’s History of the Deep. These include the history of Chief Sitting Clam learning to make Smoke Signals underwater, also Capt. Clam in “The Scourge of the Seven Sea Bottoms”ť and others.

    Another ongoing project is the Adventures of Lazarus Lézard. After getting into some legal trouble as a teenager Lazarus was forced to travel to the Yukon, during the Gold Rush of the 1890s, to deliver mail by dogsled.

    This adventure gets Lazarus together with many actual personalities from that era including;

   Klondike Kate, Alexander Pantages (owner of the Pantages Theaters), the writer Jack London, and many others.

    The stories and locations are historically accurate. This is a true life adventure once you can get past having a lizard as our hero.

Keep a lookout for Lazarus’s brother; Lorenzo Lézard, “The Spy with a Thousand Faces”ť. His European hijinks during WWI and WWII are what legends are made of!!!

Don Ginger PV sq

Don and his wife Ginger, best friends for 50+ years, live in the High Desert of Southern California. This is way out past a town called Mojave. Don says; “We have plenty of lizards out here, but not many clams unless you find them along with other fossils. Luckily he has enough imagination to write future adventures from the Sea to the Sand! Throw in a couple of pterodactyls and the sky is the limit!

Oh wait! There is also Outer Space. Don is a Science Fiction Junky!! Could that mean that the Stars are just the beginning? This will be a fun ride!